Top 3 Best Gifts For Her

a-class1. Car. As it is unexpected, this is the most frequently mentioned a desire to present even in women who already have their own car and a decent experience behind the wheel. Some say “I want a new,” others insist is the “Smart” third dream of “little pink jewel” and the fourth request in addition to the gift and driving license. Some have even imagined a strategy for how to appease your partner: “He is an avid fan, so I will tell him that I want to red to show who is the greatest team.”

Car gift is no possibility of anyone unless Used (5-10 thousand. Lev). And be donated used car, do not go much. For a new car right now is not the best time (between 15 and 100 thousand. Lev). A rollback. Current Christmas discounts are nothing to what is due to the financial crisis. In Western Europe, car manufacturers and dealers already drastically reduce prices. This comes in Bulgaria. So if you want to be less practical, women have to wait and smartest men to convince their partners not to rush.

2. Full day shopping in which a woman chooses gifts and favorite calls. Unusual, but very desirable gift that men seldom think. And many women are uncomfortable to your request. In their fantasies sounds like this: “I will buy dresses and shoes heart and soul,” “There will be walks, shopping and staring wildly in shops.” For such a gift man should prepare between 200 lev shopping modest shops and several thousand $ for expensive fashion models.

3. Something woman has long curled to buy and many want but can not afford (a more modest version of paragraph 2). The other answer is: “An expensive coat that I like it for 2 years”, “Unable” Toyota “, at least one nice hair,” says reader of “I want some white boots” Adidas “,” I want a big bed with lots of pillows, “” That bag “Nannini” and so on.. In this case the man should show flexibility and to learn what kind of favorite, for which his spouse long dream. The price range is very wide – from $60-70 to thousands of dollars. But! – An important tip:

The man hardly alone will hit the exact bag, coat or boots, so you have to ask the woman what he wants, which is interpreted by many representatives of the stronger sex as spoiling the surprise.

For this purpose it does not act directly as a man accustomed. Instead of directly asking: “What do you want to give you for Christmas?” (Forcing a woman to wring her hands and behave hypocritically, because he does not know how much money you have and want to take a gift), better known with enthusiasm to offer her: “I want to give you something for Christmas that much like her.”

The proposal itself is surprising, allowing the woman to realize her dream. It also includes insurance against the man answer like “I want a house,” “I want a car.” Surprise №2 – Instead it asks: “How much?” And just give her the money, the man took her personally desired to buy her a gift that is a pleasure and compliment her. Surprise №3 – strong emotions of empathy and that tells the story of other women decorated. The gift serves as material proof that everything is true.