hoping for great

Ya know, I hate to pan this movie. But I contend there’s a very good reason that I’m forced to. I wanted to see this because I thought it was a great story and I’m glad to see it garner enough attention to become a movie. It suffers a bit from still being a little too recent. And the movie doesn’t delve too deeply into the whole “should be have been in Somalia” issue. It tells the story of a raid gone awry fairly well, though.

Where it comes up short is that the gold standard on war movies has previously been set with Saving Private Ryan. Its not just that it needs more gruesome gore … there was enough to see with the reenacting of the Somalis dragging one of ours through the streets alone. But SPR had enough compelling drama in it to really captivate you. This movie didn’t have that and the efforts it did make seemed a little forced. Maybe its just me … maybe it was their depiction of a rigid military environment. I dunno.

Overall, I guess I gotta go with saying this movie was good, but not great. I was hoping for great, though … so maybe that’s why I’m not buzzing it here for everyone.