Top Worst Gifts For Her

The gifts are important as we would like to not. The tale that is an important gesture is not really true. Women like nice gifts, gifts that make them feel beautiful, desirable, interesting … gifts that are special to them, written by

Study done by the American women’s magazine in the social networking site Facebook to answer the question: “Who are the worst gift that a man can make your spouse.” The results are pretty funny, tragic and somewhat arouse pity.

Here are eight really bad ideas we recommend you men should avoid when looking for a gift for your favorite woman:

1. Hygiene products

Razors and deodorant are at the forefront of the ranking. These are products that a lady would accept extremely bad. If you were trying to “tell her something” about its hygiene. In this category of course includes shower gel, shampoo, soap, and even bath towels.

2. A gift that alludes to losing weight

Foremost among terrible gifts rank all attributes hinting download weight. This includes balance, diet books and fitness equipment. Be careful, a woman is always very sensitive topic kilograms.

3. Household appliances and appliances

Another odious gift for any woman are household appliances. If you want to keep relations warm skillet give away his wife. Iron, blender or vacuum cleaner is also preferable to avoid. With such gifts like suggesting your mate that you need to be a housewife.

4. Scented candles

While it looks nice gift, most women who participated in the survey stated that they are something quite trite and even inappropriate.

5. Video Games

Women do not like such things (although there are exceptions). When you make a gift it is useful for your mate, not you. Think about it.

6. Your picture

Nothing says more clearly, “I am daffodil” than to give away his own face in the framework of a cup or a calendar.

7. Gifts that allude to marriage (before it was discussed)

Be very careful when you give things that may be adopted as a hint of marriage. Not only men are afraid of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlinking.

8. False jewelry

Can give a diamond necklace which is not diamond is a terrible idea! If you want to give jewelry, better choose something small, but real, than big and fake.

9. Cash

You may think that is practical, but a similar gift shows that did not think about it.

10. Clothing

Clothes are not the best choice for several reasons. The main risk to not hit sizes. If she take something more you will surely hurt her if you take anything less will not feel good in it and could even accept it as a hint that is thick.